Smart column HomePod was first presented at the conference for developers WWDC 2017. The gadget was supposed to go on sale in the autumn, however, subsequently Apple has postponed the release of the device in 2018. How smart column has become popular among consumers, did she win the market? Since the start of sales of more than a year – it’s time to bring intermediate results.

According to research firm CIRP, today HomePod is about 6% of the market of smart speakers in the United States. Not so much, and say you’re absolutely right. The fact is that the smart speaker Apple appeared on the market very late. Segment smart columns was entirely occupied by solutions from Amazon and Google, and despite the breakthrough technologies used in HomePod, Apple has not managed to attract the attention of consumers.


There are quite understandable reasons, because of which sale do not grow HomePod is, first of all, the high price. The best-selling models of the competitors can boast of a price of 50-60 dollars, which of course is not comparable with the cost of smart speakers Apple. Yes, similar devices from other manufacturers don’t have the technology orientation in space for better audio quality and six built-in microphones. But does it need the mass consumer? At the moment the only solution seems to release the budget version of the HomePod — perhaps this is the device that will allow Apple to conquer the market of smart speakers.

Recall that the cost of the HomePod in the US is $ 349. In Russia this product is not yet available.