At the event “Galaxy Unpacked”, Samsung revealed to the public its response wireless headphones from Apple – Galaxy Buds. Despite the fact that the headphones will be available for purchase only in March, foreign publications have already managed to get them at their disposal. Some publications even had time to compare the new product with the AirPods. Let’s look at one of these comparisons.

The comparison was published on the portal of MacWorld.

Let’s start with price

The official announced price Galaxy Buds — $ 130 for AirPods already have to pay $ 159. There is a difference, and she’s clearly not good wireless headphones Apple.

Next in line is the body.

Case Galaxy Buds looks much bigger than the case AirPods. It is not so noticeable if you put them side by side, but in the pocket the difference is obvious.

However, the case has its own merits. For example, the case supports wireless charging Protocol Qi. Conveniently, the housing is the external battery indicator — this means that to open the briefcase is not necessary. Galaxy Buds also can charge USB type-C. In this sense, the AirPods are inferior to its competitor — they are charging provided exclusively via the Lightning port.

As for ease of use — to get out of the case AirPods as easy as, say, a cigarette. Galaxy Buds the situation is somewhat different — stronger magnets hold the headphones, which may cause some difficulties the first time.

Further pairing with the devices.

We all know how to work well AirPods in a pair of iPhones. Can the same be said about the Buds and Galaxy smartphones Galaxy? Yes. If in the case of Apple earbuds, use a chip W1, in the case of smartphones, Samsung uses a special app that also simplifies the process of connecting.

Gestures and interaction

Wireless headphones Samsung have an elaborate system of gestures. One tap — pauses playback, two — skip to the next song, three — return to the previous song. Of course, all this can be configured in its sole discretion. In the case of AirPods, their functionality is strictly limited to predefined options.

But the huge disadvantage of the Galaxy Buds that they don’t stop playing music, if one of the headphones were pulled from ears. Due to the absence of a special sensor.


Samsung claims that their wireless solution provides up to six hours of music playback. Impressive, surpassing even the result of Apple earbuds. All is good if not for one thing — case Galaxy Buds can only provide seven additional hours of playback, while the AirPods — all 19. Moreover headphones Apple is charging a little faster.

The quality of sound and MIC

Galaxy Buds sound pretty good. But all this is incomparable with the sound quality AirPods. Wireless Apple earphones give much better bass, clearer convey the nuances and details, and the character of the sound more focused and tight. If you even slightly care about sound — overpay for AirPods.

It is remarkable, but the microphones in the headphones Apple also showed themselves from the best side. The difference was not obvious indoors, but outdoors, the situation has changed dramatically.


Galaxy Buds provide better sound insulation due to its closed design. Moreover, you can always pick the appropriate ear cushions. With AirPods, everything is easier — they either fit perfectly or not fit at all.


Samsung definitely did a great job on their wireless headphones. But unfortunately, this product is still unable to compete on equal terms with the AirPods. Apple earphones sound better, last longer, hold a charge (with the case), and in General more versatile. Other things being equal, I would have got AirPods, despite the great price.