Despite the popular belief that Apple is itself the initiator of most leaks about its future products, it is far from the truth. This confirms the statement of claim filed Jiangu Chen, a former member of the Titan team, directly involved in the development avtopilotiruemyh car and tried to steal some secret information about him. According to the contents of the document, in Cupertino made a lot of effort to do not allow to enter data on developments into the hands of third parties and to avoid their proliferation.

One way to prevent leaks, which Apple uses, is to encourage denunciations.

What not to do Apple employees

Since the Titan project involved about 5,000 employees to keep details of the development in secret, Apple forbids his subordinates to disseminate any information about what they’re working on, even among family members. So if someone from the staff learns that his colleague is spreading about their work in the project, it must report immediately to the security service of the company, which will check.

Apple vs photo

According to Business Insider, Chen was arrested as a result of denunciation by his colleagues. He noticed how Chen photographs the screen of his computer, which was derived secret details of the internal structure of the system of auto pilot with the explanation of records and statistical charts. As it turned out, in total, Chan has made about hundreds of such pictures allowed to be quite a clear impression of what exactly does Apple, and how developments can be applied in the automotive industry.

Project Titan

And taking pictures Chen had to because on all Apple computers prohibitions on the creation of screenshots. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized data collection by employees who may use them for personal purposes. For example, selling to competing companies. Such rules, incidentally, apply not only to computers of employees of project Titan, and all the rest. Given that sensitive data about the practices of Apple can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars, this looks like quite justifiable security measure.