The revocation of Apple’s Enterprise Program which allows you to create enterprise applications for iOS, Facebook caused a huge damage even though it lasted only a few hours. This was stated by the columnist for The New York Times Mike Isaac, citing sources in the social network. According to the information received, the certificate is revoked because of a violation of Facebook rules Apple led to the shutdown of all enterprise applications, thereby violating the work of many hundreds of employees.

According to Isaac, the problems began in the morning. Employees of Facebook found that can’t perform even basic tasks. Their calendars did not work, and the schedule of buses going to the campus, was absent. Moreover, the corporate map of the campus to help staff to find your team on-site did not show a single person and even menus from the cafeteria on campus had not been updated since yesterday, not allowing to know that today will be served for lunch.

Working day in Facebook

But the worst was waiting for employees on Facebook. After they made sure that applications such as Workplace and Messenger, too disabled, denying them the ability to perform the tasks, the workflow finally stood up and remained in this condition until late in the evening. It is very obvious that for a company like Facebook, even simple time can result in huge losses, not to mention the fact that was lost almost all day.

Work in Facebook

Interestingly, the part of the staff, and not being able to start work, decided to permanently leave Facebook, or, simply, to quit. At least four people filed a statement on their own, believing that the restoration of the certificate and enterprise applications can take weeks. What to say about the Facebook app, which Cupertino could be considered potentially hazardous and removed from the App Store, at least until the end of proceedings.

Recall that a revocation occurred due to the fact that Facebook used it to spread the application, Facebook Research, to collect user data. This app used the Apple Enterprise certificate Program, allowing him to bypass the App Store.