In November 2016, Apple started to sell their own iPhone that have undergone a factory restore. This means that the company has taken the already former in the use of smartphone, returned it to the factory, changed the display, casing and other faulty components and put it on sale at a reduced price. It is noteworthy that externally restored iPhone is hard to distinguish from the new – or rather, almost impossible. The sale of such devices is carried out in a special section of the online store of the company. In the directory were “restored” the iPhone X.

Buying a restored iPhone X, you can save 15% off the price of a new machine, that is $ 130. Therefore, the iPhone X with memory at 64 GB will cost $ 769 instead of $ 899.


Each one is marked “as new” is subjected to factory recovery, the results of which undergoes rigorous quality inspection to identify possible faults. Such devices get a new display, case, one-year warranty and in some cases, the right service at authorized service centers around the world.