Apple knows about the problem of high prices for their products. This statement was made by the Corporation’s chief Executive Geoff Williams in a speech to Elon University. According to him, in the long term, the company will seek to solve these problems. To do this, Apple intends to primarily in emerging markets.

During the lecture, one student asked Williams about whether Apple plan on lowering product prices. As argument it has resulted the reports and Analytics companies, which had counted the cost of Apple products. The student suggested that Apple could without harm to themselves to reduce the huge markups for their products and thereby increase sales. The Executive Director gave the following answer to this question:

All of these stories, which supposedly counted the real cost of our products, following me from the very beginning of my work at Apple. Analysts have no idea of what constitutes a final price, and how much attention Apple paid to the creation of their products.

As an example, the Executive Director told how you created the activity tracker for the Apple Watch: for these purposes, was involved in the whole physiological laboratory and the medical staff, and the testing was attended by about 10 thousand people.

However, Jeff Williams, admitted that the problems of pricing are the place to be.

We don’t want to be an elitist company. We want to be egalitarian company. To achieve this status, we still have a lot of work in the market of developing countries.