The bug is contained in Adobe Premiere Pro, may have a negative impact on the speakers of the MacBook Pro, causing them to reproduce distorted and unnaturally loud sounds. As a result, this leads to irreversible damage to the speakers. The existence of such problems reported by users of the official forum of Apple support. According to them, it invariably occurs in the process of working with a soundtrack for mounting clips.

Apparently, Adobe Premiere Pro has started to damage your speakers MacBook Pro a long time. The first complaints of the problem appeared in November, but that was isolated cases that have not attracted due attention neither by the developer nor by the users, most of whom have decided that to them this failure is irrelevant. And in vain, because after some time the team of those that are affected by the problem, has been expanded several times.

Problem Adobe Premiere Pro

“I was working in Adobe Premiere Audio Suite 2019 with background audio and the configuration parameters, it began to publish a sound so unnatural that it struck my eardrums, writes one of the users of the official technical support forum, confirming the existence of the problem. – After that, the dynamics of [my laptop] was unsuitable for further use”.

How to protect speakers from damage

Apparently, Adobe is aware of the problem and is already working on a fix. In order to avoid further damage to the speakers, the developers recommend that users of Premiere Pro, versions 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 mute the microphone in the sound settings before you start using the program. Otherwise, you can expect damage, elimination of which will make you bankrupt. According to one of the users experiencing a problem, repair laptop to Genius Bar cost him $ 600.