The almost complete lack of malware for macOS compensate for the vulnerability, from time to time experts in the field of cyber security in her. However, this time the gap wasn’t found in the system, and the interface Thunderbolt, used in Mac computers for connecting peripherals. As reported by researchers at rice University, SRI International and the Institute of the University of Cambridge, exploitation of the vulnerability allows to access to user data and even implement malicious components.

The essence of the vulnerability lies in the fact that the peripheral devices connected to your Mac via Thunderbolt, by default, have more privileges than those that were connected by different standards. Recognizing the connection, the computer automatically opens a Thunderbolt-compatible gadgets can access the operating system partitions, which may contain potentially important information in need of protection. For example, logins and passwords.

Vulnerable Mac

According to the experts, who discovered the vulnerability, it affects virtually all Macs released after 2011, as well as standards Thunderbolt all generations. Such coverage makes it potentially affected millions of computers with macOS on Board, as well as Linux and Windows, provided that they were issued after 2016 and also have the support of Thunderbolt. At the time of the publication gap was partially addressed, but not completely.

Not only that, the Thunderbolt-compatible peripherals can gain access to confidential information, so you can use it also to introduce the system of malicious component, which will collect data not only available, but also those that will be taken to the computer in the do this, criminals need physical access to a Desk – or laptop, it doesn’t make the vulnerability any less dangerous, especially if you think about the organizations, most of which don’t pay enough attention to security.