Augmented reality, where in Cupertino are paying a very large value, still a very cool perceived by the overwhelming majority of users. Probably affected by the complete inadequacy of the usage scenarios demonstrated by the company in real life. But Apple does not stop and continues to generate new ideas, striving to make augmented reality is not only interesting but also useful.

One of the functions that, according to Apple, will be able to perform augmented reality is to search for missing items or items whose location is not obvious.

Why do we need augmented reality

According to the patent and trademark office published a new patent, the company in Cupertino are considering the possibility of the release of AR glasses with detection of hidden or implicit objects in the augmented reality mode. It is possible to find the rubble knows where to your iPhone by activating the function “Find my iPhone” to not only hear the sound it makes, but to see his actual location, be it behind the sofa or under the table.

The same function can be used in smaller scale. For example, glasses will tell the names of the elements on the dashboard of a new car, it is worth to them only to look. This will greatly facilitate the process of familiarization with the vehicle immediately after the purchase, excluding the possibility of accidental clicks and activate unwanted modes.

Despite the fact that there is no guarantee that Apple will indeed be resolved for the implementation described in the patent ideas they could come in handy in everyday life. In contrast to the overlay of virtual masks during a call in FaceTime and the “revival” of LEGO sets, which Apple has devoted a significant part of the autumn of the presentation, the patent offers a fundamentally new perspective on augmented reality, proving that it is possible to extract a lot of benefits.