Despite the recorded drop in iPhone sales by 15% in the last financial quarter, looking to upgrade your smartphone is not diminished. A survey by the investment company Baird revealed that this year customers are more loyal – getting ready to buy one of the new iPhone models immediately after their release.

The survey was conducted in the United States. In total, the study involved about 1,500 people.

About 15% of respondents said that they are considering the purchase of a new smartphone in the next couple of months. The vast majority, namely 67% plan to purchase the iPhone, not the smartphones of other brands or manufacturers.

In addition, this study showed that most of the respondents use their iPhone more than two years. This suggests that user preferences have changed a little — consumers are more conservative approach to the purchase of new smartphones. Analysts believe that this may have a negative impact on the smartphone market.

The Baird company also conducted a survey which found out how to consumers are important launch streaming service from Apple. It turned out that the new service is not yet of interest to users, only 18 percent of respondents said that they are ready to subscribe. However, the official launch of the service has not yet taken place, therefore these indicators can be considered acceptable.

Analysts say that Apple is too early to discount the possibility of a drop in sales doesn’t mean anything. A huge role is played by the ecosystem and its capabilities. The survey showed that every iPhone owner owns at least two devices from Apple, which may include iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.