iPhone 4: a phone with a criminal record…

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iPhone 4: a phone with a criminal record…

Mankind has learned that inside him, three months before its release. About two months it turned out in the hands of voluntary pathologists proved to be a promising model of iPhone, not a fake. The most important autopsy to identify not able to… iPhone 4 was one of the best iPhone, again changed ideas about what should be a mobile phone, and despite the troubles that haunted him, he was not less fortunate than his fellow…

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The leak (almost a detective)

March 18, 2010, gray Powell, the engineer Apple celebrated his 27th birthday in one of the beer bars in Redwood city. At Apple, he was involved in testing and debugging the phone subsystem of the iPhone, he had a permit to carry outside the company a prototype of iPhone 4 (all iPhone models were subjected to similar tests), and that night a top-secret unit was he.

Under mysterious circumstances, he or forgot the phone on the table, or he stole it.

A prototype iPhone 4 was masterfully disguised as iPhone 3GS. The one who picked it up or stole it, had no idea it was a secret prototype. According to him, that night he came home drunk, so I decided to call the owner phone the next morning – but this morning the phone stopped included.

And only in the morning he found that it was not an iPhone 3GS, and guessed that it was a secret prototype of the new phone from Apple. And I was horrified.

He called (billing checked called) for all phone numbers Apple could learn but no one “heard”. The next day he contacted the online resource Gizmodo, and offered them the prototype for 5,000 dollars. In Gizmodo suspected that it was a fake, but the money is paid.

Finding that phone it no longer, Powell reported this to the management, and he was cleared of content. “Group loyalty Apple”, translated from the allegorical to the usual official chelovecheski – special service Apple launched an investigation.

The phone with the right of export outside the territory of the company were issued only after numerous reviews and talking personally with jobs, and after signing absolutely awful and terrible threatening sanctions non-disclosure agreements.

Gizmodo (the online resource – so the “he”) has published information about the phone in early April. After a week or two on the resource page appeared the autopsy report – the report was made a clear conclusion: it’s not fake, chips like chips iPad, which just went on sale and several copies of which were opened.

But lead counsel for Apple, with the rank of senior Vice President, contacted Gizmodo only in the 20’s days of April, and politely but firmly demanded the return of the Apple of her property. Ah, so you did it? – surprised at Gizmodo and immediately returned to the idle telephone with traces of opening.

What happened to gray Powell – unknown. In may 2010 he was alive and perhaps even still worked at Apple. “Found” iPhone 4 detained on suspicion of theft (police, not “group loyalty”), but soon released – to prove his guilt failed. Gizmodo have no obligations to Apple was not. Staff resource involved in the acquisition and study of the artifact was interrogated for a month or two. The story of the lost prototype ended.

On the case, among the many mysterious letters and numbers, met a combination of the N90. It was a top secret code name project iPhone 4. It did not change.

Expressed a suspicion that this was all a setup by Apple to stir up interest in the iPhone 4 – but this is unlikely. The interest was off the scale, these foci there was no need. Although…

The main theme of WWDC 2010

Worldwide developers conference (as translated WWDC) held at Moscone Center West from 7 to 11 June. In the name of Apple’s event is not mentioned, the company has delusions of grandeur (and you doubted it?). WWDC consists of two parts: an open press conference “for all” and four days of top secret presentations for those who paid and signed a confidentiality agreement.

A press conference was held by Steve. He looked healthy, energetic and witty, and the show lasted an hour and forty minutes is not tired until the very end.

The main theme of livnot was the iPhone 4. The new design (the likes of which have not been, it looked like a phone from the future or an artifact of extraterrestrial origin), the building was of heavy-duty glass, stainless steel top ring with mysterious notches in it. And it was the same phone, which wrote Gizmodo.

Bezel was broken in three places, which seemed unnatural – unauthorized critics have declared this strangeness “not like Apple” negligence. But Steve explained: stainless steel rim is not only a decoration, it is also the antenna, consisting of three parts. The fruit of brilliant engineering work and ingenuity.

The case was durable and incredibly slim 0.37 inch (9.3 mm). He attracted the attention, from which we can conclude that the design of the iPhone 4 was attractive.

The same Apple A4 processor as in iPad, only its clock speed reduced to 800 MHz, 512 Megabytes of RAM (Steve said only about Apple A4). iPhone 4 was more powerful than its predecessors, but kept a charge even longer than they are. Incredibly but true, the group of batteries Apple could make billions if she weren’t a part of Apple.

But the power, beauty and economy was nothing compared to something even more fantastic.

Retina display

The screen size remains the same. IPS (increasing the angle with which the image on the screen visible up to 178°), led backlight, ambient light sensors control the brightness of the display is great.

But the resolution vertically and horizontally, unexpectedly doubled, to 960х640. It is 326 pixels per inch, the 12.8 millimeter. Special difficulties for those who developed software for the iPhone, it is not added. The theme of individual stories and an example of elegant technical solutions.

Steve argued that already with a pixel density of about 300 per inch, the distance from which you usually read or look at the screen, the eye cannot distinguish between individual pixels, letters and image look real, like in real life. In my eyes they do not discriminate and at a lower density of pixels – it depends on the individual attempting to see them.

At 326 pixels per inch and the average visual acuity is the pixels indistinguishable, it is a fact.

For displays with the same resolution has trademarked Retina, translated into Russian is “retina”.

Urgent repeat this brazen escapade Apple was impossible, so it definitely had to compromise. Ophthalmologists criticized said jobs, and I think it was not their initiative. Retina each individual individual, the visual acuity Steve said some stuff, not all is completely wrong, to call this display “retina” is incorrect.

But Steve was not trying externally to the diploma ophthalmologist. And Retina only – brand displays with high pixel density. Owned By Apple. Not the density itself, but the displays created by Apple.

On the device’s popularity, criticism of ophthalmologists is not affected. Other troubles were much nastier, but they are at other times.

When, how much and how much quicker

Since 15 June the iPhone 4 was supposed to appear in App Storefrom this day it can be pre-ordered. The beginning of its sales was promised on June 24. Both promises were fulfilled. Either before or after I do not remember to move the containers with the new iPhone was tracking (telling what they’re halfway across the ocean, arrived in the port that they have already passed customs, and the like), and reading about it was interesting.

iPhone 4 model ID iPhone3,1 was offered in three variants. Black with 16 Gigabytes flash memory for $ 199. White and black with 32 Gigabytes of memory for $ 299. When you also purchase a 2-year contract.

In Geekbench 2, the iPhone 4 scored 378 points. For comparison: iPad – 454, and iPhone 3GS – 280.

About the misadventures of the iPhone 4, and about his changes to write. Ever. The fate of the phone with a criminal record was surprisingly eventful (not only nice).

To be continued

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