Before the presentation of the new iPhone for about 9 months, and the Wall Street Journal suggests that the flagship model range Apple in 2019 will be represented by three models, including the two OLED models and one LCD. One of the new iPhone will be equipped with triple rear camera. The successor to the iPhone with XR LCD screen will be upgraded and get a system of two rear cameras – just like in the iPhone X and iPhone XS. How can it be true?

Yes, a system of three cameras walking through the Network since last weekend, the render needs to be based on prototypes of the new iPhone. The publication reports that the new camera functions would be a significant part of the flagship iPhone 2019. We colloquially call it the “iPhone 11” for simplicity, but the final marketing name is not disclosed and will not be known until the presentation.

But, most likely, the same “iPhone 11” will not receive major changes of the camera and will be left with two modules. But the three-chamber module can be designed for the largest and most expensive Apple phone. That would be logical, since the same iPhone XS iPhone XS Max different except that the size of the screen, and (some) cameras.

Analysts believe that Apple may abandon LCD in 2020, going to be the line of the OLED is only at the end of next year. The publication also States that the final prototype of the new iPhone is not yet approved. This means that we should not treat seriously all leaks.

Over the weekend the media began to spread the render, which allegedly depicted the iPhone 11 at the prototype stage. It has a considerably large recess to accommodate three cameras, flash, and microphone. The location of these functions in convex rectangle asymmetrically — usually Apple currently does not allow.