In 2012 was presented the first iPhone with Lightning connector. This connector has stood the test of time – it was convenient to use (can be inserted into the device from either side), reliable (thanks to the bayonet connector), and in addition supports quick charging. For its time, it was definitely a breakthrough connector. However, the change of Ligthning in 2019 should come a more modern connector USB Type-C. And now I will tell you why.

At the end of October last year, Apple introduced a line of professional tablets, the iPad Pro. One of the main feature of the novelties is the USB connector Type-C. it is clear that if the company decides to equip the new connector for future models of the iPhone, this no doubt will stimulate certain industries. Given the fact that many manufacturers now use their smartphones port Type-C, this standard is still seriously inferior to the popularity of its predecessor, the MicroUSB.

Let’s imagine that this year Apple will introduce an iPhone with a new connector. What are the advantages it brings to consumers?

  • One connector for everything. In theory, the USB port-can be used to connect any peripherals or external devices and quick charging. Everything depends on the capabilities of the OS. Expect iOS 13 something new?
  • Ecosystem. All the new models of Apple computers have already switched to the USB Type-C. this means to connect your iPhone to your Mac will no longer need to buy and carry a separate cable.
  • Versatility. The transition to the new standard will allow you to freely use the charge from a third party, including bundled adapters from the same Android smartphones. Is this not freedom?

However, the new connector in addition to the advantages, there are drawbacks. For example, the connector may wear out faster than normal because the design of the connector does not have retaining edges, as in the case of Lightning.

What do you think, should Apple abandon their proprietary connector in favor of the Type-C?