You’ve probably already heard that the iPhone fell slightly in China. As corny as it may sound, this fact suggests that such reduction will happen soon everywhere.

History has already known the facts of the price reduction of the iPhone. When was the first iPhone, sales were very low and the company has lowered the price to $ 200 for the older version, removing the younger.

Then it was some compromise related to the release of a new product. Apple just did not know how much to sell it, and users were not willing to pay $ 600 for a new product.

Why now dropped the demand for the iPhone?

A considerable enabling factor in reducing the demand for iPhone is a trade war between the US and China.

China is a very important market for Apple, but lately it carefully trying to keep from Apple. Additional oil was added to the fire situation with the detention of the financial Director of Huawei at the request of U.S. authorities on charges of violating sanctions against Iran. All anything, but it is not just the CFO, but also the daughter of the founder and CEO of Huawei.

Of course, the loyal fans of the brand hardly will refuse its production due to such a situation. Opponents especially will not give up their beliefs. But there are those for whom the smartphone is just a means of communication no preference on brands. Here they can go to another camp, shaking the Apple

What else is stopping Apple to break sales records?

Played a role in the decline in sales that the new iPhone has not changed, but the cost did not become cheaper. A SOP in the form of iPhone XR is not considered. It is good, but not perfect, and in the background top models looks weak.

When waiting for lower prices?

Speaking about depreciation,I personally don’t think we can expect it in the coming weeks or months around the world.

On a similar move by Apple is rather in the light of the autumn launch of new models. If this happens, it will be furnished with the pump, as it was when upgrading the OS for Mac and office apps became free.

Of course, to raise expectations of presentation is not necessary and we already knew, but, apparently, will be a very major update to the iPhone.

If we get a new design in the style of the iPad Pro, which was accepted by the public, the advent of the new iPhone USB Type-C and a sufficient update iron it will be interesting to the public, a price reduction will generally cause an explosion of interest. In addition, it will be able to break the vicious circle of increasing cost from model to model.

So the company can break the losing streak, but also to get the word out with a certain degree of respect. But at the same time, it will return the trust of customers and high stock value, which, though slightly stabilized, but the rise has not begun.

In any case, can not continue, and despite the ambitions of Apple and their faith in the integrity of the iPhone, the cost to reduce. In Apple, there are smart guys and they as well as we know how to get out of the situation, but they are supposed to act. Perhaps the decline in prices in China was the first step in this direction.

Let’s see what happens, and how the company will survive this, but the iPhone should be cheaper. What do you think?