20 Oct 2009 there was a drastic update Macs and devices that are more or less designed for them. The third generation iMac, magic mouse, new remote control. Because of the hard work on iPad had to cancel the pageant, news came out slowly (as a mouse) – but… the effect has surpassed expectations. The submission was not, but news about new products thundered for the whole world. About new wrote even eternal enemies of the company. Contrary to custom, not only bad things. The effect was perfectly executed marketing services are those that are the best in the world and their work. At the same time, the marketing team was busy with other, all happened by itself.

Stupid and unbelievable – but true: Apple had a huge caring community of friends, the company from time to time released into the world of artifacts, admired – though not devoid of flaws, but beautiful. Sometimes they really were changing the world.

After the September iPod event, fans of Macs was looking forward to the event for them, trying to predict the next moves of a grandmaster. Among the prophecies were leading a new mouse and the new iMac.

Resonance and detonation was imminent…

Battle for Mighty Mouse: mice, infection trademarks

At the same time against CBS Operations, and Apple Computer little-known company Man&Machine, manufacturer of computer peripherals, a lawsuit was filed. Its a waterproof mouse called the Mighty Mouse, and the trademark was registered.

In 2005, deciding to call the multibutton Mighty mouse, Apple has acquired from CBS Operations, the company who owned the rights to the cartoon, the license to use the name mighty mouse.

Shortly after the release of the Mighty Mouse from Apple, the company Man&Machine was filed. It turns out that this company has produced a waterproof mouse with the same name, the mouse which can be regularly cleaned by the cleaners. Why?

Clifton Broumand, chap Man&Machine, explained that the struggle with the transfer of dangerous infectious diseases. Funny… But in the beginning of October 2009, the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States recognized for Man&Machine rights to this trademark. And Apple and CBS Operations of this right was deprived.

Clifton Broumand rubbed his hands together and wondering how much can you rip off Apple, but nobody asked. Mighty Mouse was renamed the Apple Mouse, all sites Apple and its partners and on the 20th of October to replace the Mighty/Apple Mouse is a mouse.

About Man&Machine no long ago and didn’t remember if not the case…

Magic Mouse

Mouse vicissitudes of war coverage in the press, the theme for a short time has become one of the most popular – but “Apple” Nostradamus guessed about the imminent emergence of a new mouse because of this.

Mighty Mouse has suddenly become very difficult to buy. In the online store and in retail. Them was not almost anywhere the estimated time of delivery increased to two to three weeks – a sure sign of imminent updates. And from Apple, there was some information leaked.

Wireless Magic Mouse, the first multi-touch mouse in the world. A fantastic form (not from our planet for sure), the buttons all click was the whole of its upper part. It was comfortable and predictable… mostly. Not at all. It quickly was used to, but the two side buttons of the Mighty Mouse is still not enough.

It is not known who invented it. They say that Steve. With its causes, everything is much easier. The analogue of the mouse in laptop computers has progressed in the normal mice to support gestures, especially mnogopaltsevy, no one tried – and all these multi-touch magic was incredibly useful and attractive… And then there was the Magic Mouse. $ 69 (wireless Mighty Mouse was equal to that of wired – $ 49).

The language of intuitive multi-touch gestures Magic Mouse was very good, but it had a serious drawback: it was very different from sign language in MacBook trackpads. To retrain and to get used to, even harder than to learn from scratch.

History mice from Apple and NeXT:

It was the first step.

Revolutionary keep iMac!

iMac with Quad core processor predicted due to the fact that it predicted the first year, from the day when in the line of processors Intel Core 2 4-core processors (Core 2 Quad), but Apple only used them in the Mac Pro and Xserve.

And yet – from mid-September to buy an iMac became complicated. Long delivery out of stock… a sure sign – and therefore guessed. No magic…

But few could have predicted that the iMac can be Unibody. The performance, which took place, was filmed a movie: (duration 00:07:07):

The main characters are iMac and Magic Mouse, and the revolutionaries themselves – Jonathan Ive, Bob Mansfield and Scott Broderick.

October 20, 2009 on light there was a third-generation Intel iMac.

New screen sizes with diagonals of 21.5 and 27-inch (54,6 and 68.6 cm), memory and disk sizes have increased to attractive quantities, 27-inch iMac’s strange functionality of Target Display Mode: you can use them as usual… superior display, turning off the computer inside (turning off the brain).

In the new generation of iMac, the distance between “economy”-options and options of the higher class was greater than ever. Intel Core 2 Duo with integrated graphics up to Intel Core i5 and Core i7, premium graphics processors ATI, from AMD.

One of the most popular predictions was the transition of Apple on processors from AMD – that it is true dreamers thought a little about it.

The distance is so big – iMac’and c Core 2 Duo and Core i5/i7 I will consider separately. Not now.

Another novelty

The day in online store there are a lot of novelties. In it you can easily find something unexpected every day. Full list of changes that have happened that day, it is impossible to make…

That day was declared the new infrared remote control for iTunes and other apps in a fashionable case of shiny aircraft aluminum with a changed location of the buttons.

And we thought he already came to an end, and it will be no more. Apple in those years was a little flighty and unpredictable, but devilishly attractive…

To be continued