Analysts at Barclays revealed a new feature of the future flagship Apple. According to their forecasts, the range iPhone (2019) will get support for a completely new wireless communication standard – Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax). In addition, experts expect that Apple will definitely improve the face detection technology Face ID, making the scanner much faster and more accurate. Apparently, future innovations promise to be interesting.


At the moment all iPhone use old Wi-Fi standards: 802.11 n (2009) 802.11 ac (2011). Apple engineers are going to fix this, equipping the new iPhone high-speed module supporting the latest 802.11 ax. It is reported that the new Wi-Fi version will have a number of advantages, namely:

  • Higher speed and less latency;
  • Exceptional energy efficiency;
  • Improved security standard;
  • Increased range of action.

However, Apple won’t be the first if you implement the latest standard in their smartphones. It is expected that similar to the advanced module first debut in the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S10 to S10+. At the same time, analysts stress, the range iPhone (2019) will not receive the support of networks of the fifth generation is not yet ready infrastructure.


In Apple’s plans to improve its own technology for biometric identification Face ID. According to the source, the company managed to make the scanner faces faster and more accurately. This is largely the merit of a more powerful projector pixels, which will reduce the influence of ambient lighting on the Face ID.

According to WSJ, this year Apple will publish the iPhone three. It is assumed that the appearance of new products will remain the same, except the number of cameras. It is expected that the most expensive version of the iPhone (2019) will have a triple main camera, and the successor to the iPhone XR will get a dual module.