App VLC, popular among owners of iOS-devices player, will soon get support for AirPlay for Android. Thus, an Android device running VLC to stream audio and video content to Apple TV and other smart phones and tablets that support AirPlay. This functionality has recently appeared in VLC for iOS.

VLC allows you to download movies or music from Dropbox and Google Drive and then play them offline on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, without any conversion you can load a file by selecting the app in iTunes, VLC, or via Wi-Fi access. In the latter case, it is sufficient to enter the dedicated IP address into your browser, and then drag movies, TV shows and music composition.

Along with this news the developers have reported that VLC is about to reach 3 billion downloads, which indicates the high popularity of the app. The product itself at all recently turned 18 years old. AirPlay in VLC, according to them, will appear in the course of a month.

Three years ago, by the way, Apple have removed the program for failure to meet the conditions of the sale in the App Store soon, however, the VLC Player was again first in new Zealand store, and later in Russian. And in early 2016 VLC appeared in the App Store for tvOS. The app allows owners of Apple TV new generation to play earlier do not support the “Apple” of the console formats of video and audio content. Such a broad functionality is made possible through a variety of pre-installed codecs and player provided a striking popularity among users worldwide.