Thursday, January 24, became available the first beta of iOS 12.2. This Assembly was full of surprises – it has been found mentioning such devices as AirPods 2, iPad and iPod Touch. The operating system has also been seriously upgraded Safari. It turned out that brand browser learned to warn users when switching to unsafe sites.

Once the user navigates to a web page that does not use the secure HTTPS Protocol that supports encryption, next to the address bar is displayed a warning “Unsafe”. This suggests that you should be wary of entering personal data, so they can be easily intercepted by attackers.

A similar option appeared on the desktop version of Safari.


Despite the fact that the HTTPS Protocol has been implemented for a long time, a huge number of sites still use the older standard — HTTP. Likely that Apple wanted to warn users about the potential dangers of such sites. However, the fear is quite justified, considering the large number of fake sites.

Recall that the release of iOS 12.2 is scheduled for spring of this year. The list of changes includes many small fixes and improvements:

  • Apple News officially earned in Canada with English and French language news sources;
  • In HomeKit introduces support for compatible TVs (Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizion) and the corresponding interface of their control;
  • In 12.2 iOS the Apple has redesigned the appearance of the TV remote control is in the control room, it now opens in full-screen and looks more streamlined;
  • In the control has changed the icon of the function “snooze” screen, which now looks like two superimposed on each display and not display the arrow;
  • The application interface Wallet has been slightly reworked: the key “info” and “Ready” was moved to the bottom of the screen became blue, and the information about the transaction became more detailed;
  • In the wallet of Apple Pay appeared key Cash Add Money with the ability to quickly add money;
  • New AirPlay icon;
  • In Safari appeared search arrow, clicking on which allows you to Refine the query.