MacBook Air non-Retina – a strange device. He has a lot of fans and even more haters, fiercely ready to prove why the computer should disappear from the market. But even those who mercilessly criticized for its mediocre screen and a thick frame, at the same time with a secret lust glance at the glowing Apple logo and preserved the MagSafe connector. We decided to find out how relevant this laptop in 2019, is it possible to buy it and, if so, to whom and why.

Almost all of the claims that consumers have MacBook Air 2017 — are arranged around the screen. Yes, the resolution is 1440 x 900 with a pixel density of 128 per inch, quite frankly, looks so-so covering the screen, plastic is not as durable and nice as the glass, and TN-matrix does not differ in any decent color reproduction. However, if you look, other flaws in MacBook Air 2017, almost none. At least, any argument about the lack of laptop there is a weighty counter-argument.

Yes, the keyboard MacBook Air doesn’t even smell “baraccopoli” and equipped with old-fashioned mechanism of the type scissors, which is not so perfect. In theory the “shear” often fail, emit a louder sound in the process of printing and because of design features prone to sticking. Here only in practice leaves differently.

For many users the “scissor” the keyboard was more preferable because of the greater speed and, consequently, a clear “click” when pressed. In addition, the “scissors”, despite the assurances of Apple, was more reliable and, apparently, never was the reason for the organization of mass programs of repair, in contrast to the “butterflies”.

Keys like “butterfly” barely rise above the surface of the working area of the notebook, which when printing, there is practically no recoil, and sometimes the understanding, whether the pressed key at all. Hence also arises another problem of the “butterflies” of which the MacBook Air 2017, are deprived of minimum free space under the keys provokes them stuck or worse, damage to the mechanism in case of contact with a different kind of crumbs or dust. Even the third generation of butterflies, as it turned out, does not protect from garbage 100%.


In the standard MacBook Air equipped with a processor Intel Core fifth generation. To equip a laptop with more modern hardware in Cupertino have been resolved as set the stage for a MacBook Air with Retina display. But it was optional. At least for the average user. As confirmed by the Geekbench benchmark, the difference in synthetics between laptops of different generations barely 10% in single-core and multi-core tests.

According to journalist Sergei Villanova, the performance problem MacBook Air 2017 and not at all far-fetched, as Apple returned to Russia the opportunity to set “poppies” at the discretion of the consumers.

“When the cheapest Macbook is from 111 thousand rubles, and the new Air from 106 thousand, a computer from Apple over 78 thousand just is not in demand. Moreover, there is a full-sized USB ports, there is perfect keyboard and the processor speed is sufficient for tasks that are usually placed in front of a MacBook Air.

In addition, more recently on the Apple website in Russia earned the Configurator, and you can choose a system with a Core i7 and increase the SSD to 512 GB.

The only weak spot of the old Air — screen, but many are willing to forgive this flaw for a relatively low price, plus I know people who TN-a matrix small resolution more comfortable to the eye.

Given the price and reputation models, which are popular on the secondary market, the old Air will be fine to sell as long as Apple will have to sell it. But this is unlikely to last long,” — said Wilanow.


This MacBook Air non-Retina in a clean outperforms all current models of MacBook, including professional. Even if we forget about MagSafe, which has saved the laptop from damage, to argue with the fact that at the moment, USB-A connector remains the leading demand, it is useless. Of course, printers, flash drives, cameras, and other peripheral belongings can be connected via the adapter, but it’s much easier to do without them, right?


What would be cool no matter was a modern MacBook with Retina display, old MacBook Air is still relevant. After unimaginable changes in the pricing policy of the Russian representation of Apple, “throw it” 7-10 thousand rubles to buy a 12-inch MacBook, it will not succeed. In the best case you can find, this MacBook Pro for the price of 94-98 thousand rubles, while “air” is already a third cheaper. For many, an additional 30 thousand rubles be an unbearable burden that they just prefer not to take, choosing even less perfect, but certainly more affordable and practical “old man”.


The answer to the question of whether to buy the MacBook Air non-Retina in 2019, I think it is simple: Yes. It is obvious that the owners of the more advanced solutions not want to change to this model though because of it’s display. But it will be a great choice for those who have never owned a Mac and would like to try desktop platform from Apple that even under the most favorable rate of the ruble against the dollar today, is quite real.