Already for anybody not a secret that in the foreseeable future, intends to transfer the Apple Mac computers to ARM processors. This decision as there are prosand cons. However, the rejection x86 is slated for 2021-2022 year, and release an updated Mac each year. And it’s possible that Apple needs right now to look at the AMD processors. Why? Now tell.


First Mac with Intel processors appeared on the market back in 2006. The choice fell on them for a reason — then the American manufacturer offered the most productive solutions. Alas, at that time, AMD could not compete with its main competitor. For years Apple used the Intel chipsets, but it seems lately known chip maker began to take their positions as development of ARM and AMD.

A few days ago, at CES 2019, AMD showed its new development — the chips Ryzen third generation, built on 7-nanometer technological process. Latest single-chip system has been so productive that we were able to beat the original benchmark Cinebench top-end consumer processor Intel Core i9-9900k. In this test the AMD system consumes even less energy — the difference was about 25%.

Despite the significant jump in productivity in the last two generations of Intel processors, AMD offers a similar or even better performance for much less money. As for integrated graphics, here the unequivocal advantage of AMD — the company has learned to do such graphics solutions that bypass the speed of Intel HD Graphics and Iris Graphics 2-3 times.

It is obvious that Apple needs to pay attention to the segment of the AMD processors. These chips are cheaper, they are productive and efficient. Without a doubt, a top-end solution chip maker, you can successfully use in a professional computers like the Mac Pro or iMac Pro. At the same time, mobile processors from AMD will get rid of the main downside to the MacBook Pro 13 — weak graphics performance.

How you consider, whether it is desirable to switch to AMD?