Recently Samsung revealed the date of the presentation of the new smartphone Galaxy – as reported in the teaser of the manufacturer, the event will take place on 20 February at the Unpacked event in San Francisco. Thus, the South Korean giant chose to conduct my presentation a month earlier than Apple, which will probably also introduce new devices, but in March.

Samsung often likes to compare their new products with smartphones from Apple and this time, probably, is not without comparison with the iPhone XS or XR iPhone. According to rumors, the Galaxy S10 will not have the characteristic for many devices “Bang”, and external differences from its predecessor will concern mainly the camera, which will be placed in the upper corner of the display. Also the South Korean giant will show the Galaxy S10+ with 6.4 inch display (compared to 6.1 inches in the normal version) and Galaxy S10 Lite. Nothing like? Apple last year also showed three new iPhones, one of which was the “budget” compared to the others.

Obviously, the main competitor of Apple especially gives a presentation earlier to the first to impress potential buyers of new technologies. Many are under the impression can immediately buy the Galaxy S10, waiting for a similar device from Apple company. It is expected that Apple may reveal a new iPad mini in March. Samsung wants to pull the blanket over himself, so less attention was paid to innovations from Apple. Moreover, the event will be held in the midst of the MWC.

This time Apple will report iPhone sales, but its main competitor is not going smoothly. Samsung’s operating profit in the last quarter also fell, and the mobile division of the company was almost unprofitable. “Stable sales” Galaxy has not helped the Corporation circumvent the revenue of the company from Cupertino. Compared to Samsung to say that Apple has turned out to be “average” quarter. Especially over the next three months “Apple” giant clearly will sell much more iPhone. But does the success of Koreans is hard to say.

On the other hand, the balance of power could change the Galaxy F — the first foldable smartphone. Future apparatus will be equipped with three displays, two of which will form a single operating panel 7-inch. But who else is ready to pay for this $ 2,000?