Apple needs to think about the issue of wireless full-size headphones, according to the 9to5Mac, Peter Kao. After the heady success AirPods, the company should be re-whet the public’s interest by releasing the invoice version headphones. According to the journalist, this course will enable you to reliably gain a foothold in the market of wireless audio solutions. It is difficult to disagree.

The article was published in the blog 9to5Mac.


AirPods is the best headphones I have ever used. And I understand more and more that I want to see in the line of Apple products and also the full version.

Yes, the sound of the AirPods is difficult to name the reference. However, all this goes by the wayside, given the ease of use that gives me this product. Headphones have excellent integration with iOS are designed to work in the talk mode, and the method of charging is simply brilliant — thanks to the carrying case, the headphones always charged to 100%. In addition, the AirPods are very comfortable — they can be worn for a long time without any problems.

If Apple takes this experience to a full-size headphones, this is definitely a win. And I have no doubt that the company will be able to make the sound really good — it’s already been proven on the example with smart HomePod column.

Of course, you can say that now there are false Beats and is the exact same chip Apple W1 as the AirPods. I can say that it is just a good pair of headphones, is far from perfect. Apple is fully capable to produce a model without compromises, with a different ergonomics and sound. And the success of the AirPods is proof of this.