Own video service Apple, which is tipped for first half of 2019, may not be the highest priority the development of the company. This statement was made by the former CEO of Apple Computer John Scully. In his opinion, in Cupertino are plotting something much more grandiose and, most likely, it has something to do with public health. Anyway, I’m sure Scully, Apple has all possibilities to produce a revolution in this field.

Obvious the interest that Apple has for the subject of medical technologies, may ultimately result in an ambitious project that, like the iPhone in its time, risks to overshadow everything that appeared on the market before. The company not only has the audience that can be involved in the project, I’m sure Scully, but the necessary range of branded products, able to act as a security base.

Diagnostic service Apple

Scully believes that Apple’s future project in the health sector will focus around self-diagnosis. In other words, says the former CEO, the development will combine devices into a single ecosystem for research of the body and detect possible diseases, which were impossible to know without visiting a doctor. “We are entering the era when the sensors and algorithms become more powerful, and health technologies emerging from an isolated industry,” said Scully.

The function of the ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple is already a leader in the industry public diagnostic devices. Take the Apple Watch 4 Series of readings of the ECG, which since its release has saved more than one life. Even if we assume that approximately half of the cases, the clock generates a false measurement result, the remaining half still remains true, and thus helps people to monitor the condition of your body.