For anybody not a secret that AirPods work well paired with iPhone. One has only to get the headphones from the brand of the case as they automatically connect to the smartphone. Very convenient, isn’t it? But when it comes to pairing with Mac computers, the situation is a little different way. Quite often you can connect headphones with a noticeable delay, or there may be problems with playback. Fortunately, all these problems can be fixed with a simple utility.

If you have ever used AirPods with Mac computers, then know that the mechanism of pairing leaves much to be desired. Often to select the sound source I downloaded in System preferences – > Sound and in the tab “Output” to manually select the AirPods. However, this process can be automated, and in us this will help us a utility called ToothFairy.

Install this software on your Mac manage wireless headphone will be much easier. The app works great not only with the AirPods, but also with any other Bluetooth headsets. What is particularly interesting, the sound quality is also changed for the better — the developer guarantees that the default will be used higher quality AAC codec, instead of the usual SCO.

After connecting the device, we can observe the menu bar characteristic icon. If necessary, you can view information about the connected headphones and the current battery level. The utility allows users to configure a keyboard combination to quickly switch sources.

The program itself is paid. But in my personal experience I can say that it is definitely worth the little money ($3 or 229 rubles) that ask for it. But the final choice will be up to you.