Many of us who once bought a Mac, can’t let go of the past. With the past in the form of a Windows computers. Well, that is the ability to run Windows on your Mac! Someone is using Bootcamp because of the absolute incompatibility of programs for OS X and Windows, and programs needed for work. Such a need sometimes occurs to me when you want to test the software, not yet available on Mac computers.

I wanted to install Windows using Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro 2012 with macOS Mojave on Board, but it was not so easy. At the stage of formatting the partition permanently there was an error “Not enough of me to break the disk into sections”. The problem lies in the peculiarities of the file system APFS — or rather, its interaction with the backups Time Machine.

The solution was found after a couple of hours on the portal Reddit, where many are faced with the same problem. Time Machine creates a “Ghost” backups are not visible, if you look at the number of available places, but they are indexed by Spotlight. So first of all you must turn off Time Machine and delete all attached to her drives, which are backed up automatically.

You can then enter in the “Terminal” this command:

sudo tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / as 999999999999

She just “nailed” all the “Ghost” backup. Remain to restart the computer and again start the Windows installation process in the application “Bootcamp Assistant”.

Every time I think that I use a Mac for too long, I run Bootcamp. This makes me understand how to live and work the remaining eighty percent of computer users. Sometimes I go back to OS X, a little surprised and a little taken aback, but mostly I again and again only argues the idea that the Mac is the only right choice for me.