After Facebook, which collected user data by means of the forbidden tools in similar activities caught by Google. About it reports TechCrunch. The search giant has extended the application Screenwise Meter, which was sharpened on the collection and analysis of confidential information from users aged 18 years (and if they are connected to the family account, 13). How they used the collected data, we can only guess.

As in the case of Facebook Research, participation in collection of data Google was not free. However, users Screenwise Meter relied not real money, and bonus points which can later be exchanged for gift certificates American retailers. According to information on the official Google site, the exchange was carried out on a stable exchange rate: 1 US dollar for 100 bonus points earned under the loyalty program.

Official surveillance from Google

Engaging in research is Google, the user voluntarily agreed that all its traffic will be analyzed by specialized systems and algorithms. The danger of giving such consent was obtained the study data will not be anonymized, and will remain tied to the name of their owner. Exactly what “harm” to the participants of the program and relied upon the alleged payments.

As Facebook Research, Screenwise Meter was spread under the Apple Enterprise certificate Program, which allows developers to create iOS for enterprise use. As a rule, it misses the App Store, and therefore can contain any set of functions. The main condition which Apple presented to the participants of the program and which has been violated, is not to involve third parties. However, to withdraw from the Google certificate in Cupertino did not.