After the fact data collection user research Facebook app for iOS, even for money, was betrayed to wide publicity, Apple has decided to refuse further cooperation with the social network. It is reported by Recode, citing official representatives of Apple. According to them, Facebook has violated the license agreement by launching the collection of sensitive information than put users at risk.

As it became known in the night from 29 to 30 January, Facebook with Facebook Research was to gather data of users aged 13 to 35 years. This initiative was not gratuitous and expected monthly payments to its members in the amount of $ 20. For the money users have given the app access to his correspondence, contacts and reports about all the actions they take with their devices.

Apple vs Facebook

The proliferation of Facebook Research began as a result of the social network of Apple Enterprise certificate Program, which allowed Apple to test for firm services, by involving their employees. However, as explained in the company, Facebook has neglected the established Apple rule and opened access to research application to third parties unrelated to the social network.

Since such applications are subject to the link, bypassing the App Store, they do not undergo the standard procedure of moderation. This allows developers to give it any set of functions, since it is assumed that it will be used for research purposes only. Now the certificate will be revoked, and Facebook will not be able to produce enterprise software for iOS for its employees.