Apple may work on creating updated versions of the iPod Touch, which can provide the lowest threshold of entry into the ecosystem of the company. It is reported by the authoritative Japanese publication Mac Otakara, citing sources in the supply chain. If the information is correct, the coming update will be the first player over the past four years. The last upgrade hardware lineup has undergone in 2015, having besides some design innovations.


The information that the publication is obtained from the supply chain, can be one of the least reliable in the hierarchy of rumours and leaks about new products. At the same time, Mac Otakara has repeatedly confirmed its awareness before the release merging in the Network information about the characteristics and appearance of many Apple devices. For example, the Japanese first said that in Cupertino are working on creating a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and then showed it to the engineering drawings.

Why you should not wait for the new iPod Touch

On the one hand, the iPod Touch makes sense 100%. In any case, a low cost device has the potential to provide him with a relatively high demand and, as a consequence, become a major tool in the hands of Apple for the distribution of branded services. But it is in theory. In practice, I don’t doubt it — will be different. Being able to buy SE iPhone or iPad 9.7” no one will pay attention to the new iPod Touch, except for a few fans.

Judge for yourself, Apple is almost no reason to revive the iPod Touch. This is a long outdated product that today is even more niche than Apple TV. It’s all over is worse than the iPhone and does not provide usability that offers an iPad. But to expect that it will be used exclusively for listening to music — rather silly, since to attract real music fans, celebrating music in lossless formats Apple and failed.

I must say that I am. More than 90% of survey participants conducted in our Telegram chat that confirmed my theory, saying that will not buy an iPod Touch, because they do not see the slightest sense.