Despite the bravura willingness of Apple to equip the new iPhone with modems from Intel, according to the last hoped that the flagship smartphones in 2018 will be equipped with Qualcomm solutions. This admitted chief operating officer of the company Jeff Williams testifying in court. According to him, Apple has turned to Qualcomm to provide its supply of branded modems, but she was adamant and each time have refused to sell their products due to this inter-company conflict.


“Apple wanted to use the processors 4G LTE Qualcomm in its latest iPhone, but the manufacturer did not sell them, said Jeff Williams. Now Qualcomm continues to supply modems for older models of iPhone, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but refuses to provide Apple with chips developed after the occurrence of a patent dispute.”

The cost of war — $ 7.5

The trial, referred to, was initiated by the Federal trade Commission, accusing Qualcomm in the creation of a monopoly and forcing their partners to paying out royalties for their technologies in exchange for the supply of modems that was bought separately. In Cupertino expressed their agreement with the position of the Department, noting that 7.5 dollars for every iPhone sold, Apple pays Qualcomm, is a very large amount which do not reflect the real situation on the market.

Difficulties in the relationship between Apple and Qualcomm led to the fact that Apple has been forced to move their newest smartphones on the Intel modems that provide high speed LTE networks, and also rejected the company for at least a year in the development of 5G. Because at the moment, only Qualcomm has a working technology providing access to the networks of the fifth generation, in Cupertino have to wait until Intel or MediaTek to manufacture 5G modems that most likely will not happen before 2020.