Apple is not required to disclose to consumers all the software features of their devices, and to disclose the capacity of their batteries and other technical details. This was stated by the company’s lawyers in response to the petition from a group of consumers accusing Apple of illegally slowing branded smartphones as they become obsolete. According to defenders, as it’s signature technique of the brand, there may be a corporate secret and not subject to disclosure.

“In the context of this case the plaintiffs can be compared to owners who let the contractor that is Apple in your house, say, to upgrade the space, explain the lawyers of Apple. – This in turn gives the contractor the right to change the layout of the apartment and, if required by the plan to demolish part of the walls. Responsibility for violations should be spelled out in the contract, and not to vydumyvat on the go. But the fact is that in this case there is no contract”.

When you need to change the battery in the iPhone

In response to the allegation that Apple willfully violated the operability of the iPhone, the company’s lawyers said that consumers should not expect that the batteries of their smartphones will not lose their capacity after a year of use. According to them, in this case we have a natural deterioration of the battery, which starts from the first day of use and could reach a peak after a few hundred charges, which is usually applied during the first year of use.

However, Apple’s lawyers act so brazenly only when it comes to compensation payments to consumers affected by a slowdown. If the company will give up the slack and you lose, paying a certain amount to the plaintiffs, would set a precedent and then any of the hundreds of millions of consumers will be able to go to court with a similar lawsuit to claim with the Apple of its share of compensation. But a public apology to users, offering them the opportunity to replace worn-out battery at a discounted price — easily.