For anybody not a secret that digital services Apple brings huge amount of profits. By income, the services sector is, of course, inferior to the iPhone, however experts do not exclude that in the near future the situation may change. But for this, Apple needs to meet developers and publishers.

In 2017, Apple has set a goal to increase profits from services with 30 billion to 50 billion. And judging by the quarterly report for July — September 2018 in which the company earned a record $ 10 billion, Apple is confident strides towards achieving its goal. However, not all are equally optimistic. Analyst Tony Sacconaghi believes that the company could achieve much more and avoid unnecessary risks if I went to a fee reduction in the corporate app catalog App Store. According to experts, the consequences will not take long, if everything remains the same.

Hard to disagree — not so long ago it became known about the initiative of Netflix, the largest provider of video content to bypass the payment system Apple and get the money directly. This example was followed by other major publishers. For example, Spotify now accepting payments from new subscribers to bypass the App Store using the official website. According to the analyst, if everything continues in the same vein, corporate application catalog will only stagnation and then decline.

Most likely, Apple will not reduce the Commission rate. The analyst believes that to motivate decisive action can only be the U.S. Supreme court, if it considers the “App Store tax” is illegal, and aimed solely at obtaining a monopolistic profit.

What do you think about this?