This year Apple needs to surprise consumers, says the analyst of the Research Atherton, Jean Baptiste. The company should be rehabilitated in the eyes of users, and releasing the iPhone which needs to be laid advanced technology. For example, Podebrady fingerprint sensor Touch ID and a new high-speed USB connector a-C. of Course, all this is necessary to correct a reduced price. But is such a scenario possible?

The introduction screen of the scanner in the iPhone (2019) will be a significant advantage before the Android-smartphone, said gene. It will also put an end to the endless debates between supporters of the Face ID and Touch ID — everyone will use what he likes. Given that ultrasound scanners have brought to mind, it would be obviously a good move by Apple.

According to the analyst, the time has come to abandon the outdated Lightning connector. He must be replaced with a modern USB Type-C. Unified port carries only the advantages and to refuse such a decision would be wrong, says the Baptist.

As for appearance, the expert predicts that the shape and form factor innovations will remain the same. The only expected difference is the cutout in the screen will be much less due to the improved sensors TrueDepth.

However, all this would have sense if the cost of the devices will remain the same. Apple should be required to revise their pricing policies. Yes, do not expect a significant decline in prices, but it seems Apple is worth nothing to return the indicators 2012-2016, when the cost of the basic version of the iPhone did not exceed the $649.