The AirPods release second generation will take place in the first half of 2019, learned analysts DigiTimes. The new product will be an enhanced version of the original headphones with advanced specs and enhanced functionality. Thus, Apple hopes to attract those who did not pay attention to the original accessory or drew, but for a long time, and now wants to get something more attractive from the point of view of the characteristics and positioning.
According to DigiTimes, the new AirPods will receive support advanced features for tracking health. This will automatically raise them from just a convenient headphone wearable device that is able to make a real difference. For example, remembering the love athletes have for AirPods, it can be assumed that the novelty will be able to measure heart rate, track steps taken and record calories burned, transmitting that information to a smartphone.

What will be the AirPods 2

In addition, as we already told, AirPods 2 almost certainly will be more convenient from the standpoint of everyday use. So, the headphones will receive protection from water and dust according to one of the IP standards, new gestures and, most important, support for the command “Hey Siri” that allows you to activate assistant by voice instead of having to initiate the call manually.

Available AirPods

Considering how many changes are waiting for the second generation AirPods, personally I am inclined to believe that the novelty will cost much more the original. It inevitably suggests the idea that the upcoming accessory will not be a continuation of the original headphones to be familiar to most understanding, and will neperesekayuschiesya with the original version of Pro-modification, allowing Apple to keep both models on sale and thus to extract from virtually the same product for more money.