Apple told about the successes achieved in 2018

11.01.2019 - Apple
Apple told about the successes achieved in 2018

Annual financial report Apple before you Commission US securities, which the company filed January 8, contained not only data on wages Tim Cook and his private flights. He also included much more important for the company information concerning its success in the market. According to the report, 2018 became one of the most successful periods in the history of Apple, in spite of vicissitudes, the company has to undergo in recent times.

As the financial year of the company completed on 29 September, as expected, in its report has not included information about the loss of almost 30% of the maximum level of capitalization of Apple and other disappointing details of its history.

The success of Apple in 2018

Apple Services

Despite the obvious importance of each of the indicators, a special surprise and pride in the company is the success of its services. 37 billion! You just think about this figure.

A few years ago, Apple was focused solely on the development of hardware products, which accounted for most of its revenue. It is logical to expect that in the next five years, revenue from the sale of subscriptions to their services will grow even more and obviously will generate more than half of all the money that she earns, while the iPhone is expected to depart on the second plan.


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