iPad owners are faced with an unexpected problem

05.01.2019 - iPad
iPad owners are faced with an unexpected problem

In mid-December to download became available iOS 12.1.2. This update didn’t contain any major improvements or corrections, and was primarily aimed at elimination of patent violations in connection with the prohibition of sales of iPhones in China. Apparently, Apple is clearly in a hurry with the release of the new version, and did not have time to fully test the systems in different scenarios.

According to the publication TechRadar, iPad users have faced problems when trying to restore the backup from the iPhone. As it turned out, the error lies in the version of the operating system. For iPhone latest version iOS 12.1.2, whereas for tablets Apple — iOS 12.1.1. And as you know, recovering data with new OS versions on older impossible.

I tried to set up your new iPad using iCloud backup of my iPhone. Done I failed, because my phone runs on iOS 12.1.2 — commented on the problem of the users.

The journalists contacted the technical support of Apple, hoping to get any comments on this. Representatives of the company confirmed the error, and advised to wait for the next update.

However, if you are faced with a similar problem, there’s a pretty simple solution. However suitable this method is not for all users.

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