This week the Chinese company Lenovo has presented the world’s first smartphone based on Snapdragon 855. The new Qualcomm was so powerful that it surpassed the benchmark AnTuTu even A12 Bionic, which complements Apple’s flagship smartphones for the 2018 model year. Everything seemed to be resolved and Snapdragon 855 now rightfully can be called the most powerful mobile chip today. But here intervened the representatives of AnTuTu.

According to the benchmark, to calculate the performance of devices running iOS and Android use different algorithms. This is due to the architectural differences between operating systems that do not resemble each other almost anything. Hence, a direct comparison of iPhone and all Android smartphones, even they are based on similar characteristics of the processors, is totally unacceptable because it does not give a true impression of the ratio of their computing power.

The most powerful mobile processor

In order not to provoke a new wave of disputes between fans of Android and iOS, the representatives of AnTuTu did not make any conclusions. Despite this, it is obvious that if A12 Bionic does not exceed Snapdragon 855, then at least not inferior to him, and therefore all future Android flagships 2019.

Apple devices have traditionally been out of racing performance, but has always been famous for the highest level of optimization and performance issues regardless of the hardware filling. Even a four year old iPhone 5s, which today can be bought in the range of 10 thousand rubles, running iOS 12 works better than many flagships of last year on Android. So, what’s the difference whose chip gain in the benchmark more “parrots”, if the main thing in daily use does not it?