Any technology has a tendency to break down, and production of Apple – is no exception. Often this happens after the warranty, then the cost of possible repairs in the Apple Store or authorized service centers can be hit hard on the wallet. It should not be, the journalist said BisinessInsider, Antonio Vil-Bosch. In his article he shared his experience repairing MacBook Pro.

The article was published in the blog BisinessInsider.

Not long ago my wife spilled water on my MacBook Pro 15 2016 release, and it stopped working. Such damage is known to be not covered by the warranty. I went to the nearest Apple Store to know the possible cost of repair. I assumed the repair would be costly, but not that bad. The Genius Bar gave me a price of $ 1,500. It shocked me — because for the money you can safely buy a brand new MacBook Pro 13 inch.

Most likely, this cost incorporates the complete replacement of the motherboard. It has the most expensive components — processor, graphics accelerator, memory, drive.

For me it was too expensive, so I decided to address the unauthorized service center. In the end, it turned out that to solve my problem for much less money. Specialists of the workshop was billed at $ 425. This option was more suitable for me, and I agreed.

Taking a MacBook Pro from repair, I discovered that on the logic Board of the computer has been replaced by just one small detail. Of course, were cleaned from moisture and the like, but think about it — only one component.

Of course, Apple’s approach is understandable — a complete replacement eliminates the likelihood of any problems. But it is very expensive. Apple should definitely reduce their prices — this will attract more customers who are faced with the need for non-warranty repairs.