2018 is coming to its logical conclusion, this means that it is time to bring intermediate results. In this article we tried to consider most of the important highs and achievements of the American Corporation. How successful was Apple for the past year? If a U.S. Corporation to reach new records? Let’s find out.

Despite the negative forecasts of analysts and a significant drop in the stock, 2018 can rightly be called one of the best in the history of modern Apple. Let’s take a look for yourself:

Apple reached a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion

Famous Corporation has managed to achieve this figure on 2 August 2018. Unfortunately, after some time, Apple has lost its leadership, and at the moment it is even less than Microsoft.

Was paid more than $ 100 billion to developers

Since the launch of the flagship store App Store 10 years ago, the Apple company paid out a truly impressive amount of third-party developers.

Apple managed to sell more than two billion iOS devices

In 2018 Apple will sell commemorative two-billionth device. Recall that a similar mark of one billion sales were achieved in December 2014.

Apple had revenue 265,6 billion dollars

The net profit of the company amounted to 59 billion dollars. Also the American Corporation has about 237 billion dollars of available funds in the account.

Retail Apple stores was visited by 500 million people

Branded Apple stores popular worldwide. But this time the company has managed again to break his own record.

It sold 217 million iPhones

Just as many iPhone were sold in 2018. It was also sold 43.5 million tablet computers iPad and about 18.2 million Mac computers.

The total number of developers have reached 20 million

Never before has Apple had such a large army of developers. Enthusiasts developing applications for all popular platforms: iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS.

iOS 12 extends at a record pace

Apple managed to increase the share of active units by the end of the year to 70%. This is an unprecedented high figure.

In research and development has been invested 14 billion dollars

Apple spending on research and development grew by 23 percent in 2018. The company invests in various promising areas such as virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, and many others.

Apple released 132 infomercial

This year Apple published a greater number of commercials to promote their products. And you can not even doubt its effectiveness.