Install iOS 12.1.2 correcting problems cellular connection on iPhone Turkish XR, XS and XS Max, was the cause of widespread complaints about the impossibility of establishing the connection or access to the Network. This is confirmed by a lot of messages left on Twitter and on the Apple support forum. But if before the failure affected only the flagship devices, but now it began to report the owners of smartphones of all previous generations, regardless of the region you are in.

Apparently, the resulting failure can be different from individual users. For example, in some people it manifests itself only in the absence of the possibility to connect via 3G or LTE, while in others this limit is added the inability to make and receive calls. But if the problem of a Network connection can somehow solve the Wi-Fi connection, to restore the telephony with the help of external tools no longer work.

No Network signal on iPhone

“Thank you, Apple, for new year gift… — writes Twitter user with the nickname realalex_6 from new York. — After updating my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I lost cellular data. I rebooted the device and now I can’t activate it. The screen displays “No signal”. You should have fixed this problem in the near future”.

On the morning of December 24 Apple still has not commented on the issue, answering only selected comments of users in social networks. The only thing that offer technical support representatives of the company, is to perform a hard restart or make some manipulations in the settings of the device. Needless to say, these duty tips do not impact the performance of affected devices and only annoy their owners.