Consumer preferences – a thing not constant. No time to blink, they will choose a new favorite, still writing as outsiders. This applies even to smartphones. That’s just the iPhone for more than a decade of its presence in the market and is not bored with ordinary consumers, can not be said about the Chinese CEOs who have found a very effective way to reduce Apple’s influence, and at the same time strengthen the position of Huawei.

As reported by the consulting Agency, the Nikkei Asia Review, several Chinese companies have decided to announce the Apple boycott, forbidding its employees to use iPhone. Surprisingly, this prohibition was not nominal but very real with very tangible consequences. So, Assembly Corporation Menpad started to fine their employees for the use of smartphones Apple worth its retail value, and Shenzhen Yidahend Technology promised to deprive subordinates of the award and other bonuses for violating the ban.

“No strings attached”

But not by punishing a single Chinese company promoting the advantages of Huawei smartphones over the iPhone. Many companies have chosen a policy of carrot, encouraging the employees for the purchase of a machine friendly brand. The most generous was in a row Shanghai Youluoke Electronic and Technology, which announced it was ready to compensate full cost of the two smartphones Huawei. This is a very significant gesture, given that the price of some models of Huawei exceeds the price of the iPhone XS Max.

Why, you ask? The answer is ridiculously simple. Thus Chinese enterprises are protesting against the detention by the canadian authorities financial Director of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, which was December 1, 2018 in Vancouver. The reason for the detention was suspicion of Wanzhou on the part of U.S. intelligence in the Commission of illegal financial transactions on the territory of Iran, under US sanctions. Protest Chinese companies have received the approval of the Communist party of China.