This year, Apple introduced three members of the family iPhone, each of which caused serious excitement among the owners of smartphones. Until the end of the year just a few days, and now is the time to remember what is the most memorable iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and Xr, because of “internal” innovations, they are smaller than the external.

Despite the unprecedented high demand for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, observed in many countries, many consumers still think the price is extremely high, and therefore prefer a more early and a more affordable iPhone models. But the reasons to choose flagship, too, abound.


Meet, as they say, clothes make the man, and the main visible difference was the new iPhone display. iPhone Xs Max equipped with a screen diagonal of 6.5 inches, while the iPhone Xr — 6.1 inches. Moreover, in the older model Apple has decided to use an OLED display (as in iPhone Xs), and in the case of “color” smartphone the company gave preference checked LCD, which allowed us to range the new iPhone more affordable. Another important plus in the Treasury of the novelties is the strongest glass ever used in the iPhone (rumored to be Gorilla Glass 6).


The iPhone camera XS and XS Max has some positive differences from the one that is installed in the iPhone X, and not only due to the more advanced. First, the matrix camera iPhone XS is 32% more than the iPhone X, directly affecting the quality of images regardless of ambient lighting conditions. And secondly, the company’s engineers have increased the width of a wide angle lens as much as 2 mm.

Another innovation available to owners of iPhone XS and XS Max is the ability to adjust automatically to lighting conditions when shooting movies. Finding the lack of light, the camera will automatically drop the frame rate from 30 to 24, to achieve the best exposure.

But, most importantly, smartphones have the ability to adjust the bokeh effect after the Commission of the snapshot. Xr and iPhone has got mode portrait shooting with only one camera.

Face ID

One of the major innovations of the new iPhone improved face detection technology Face ID that really works for fractions of a second faster than the iPhone X. Changes in the speed of face recognition on the iPhone really is, with advantage in favor of models of the current generation.

How quickly?

  • iPhone X — 0,661 sec.
  • the iPhone XS is 0.65 seconds;
  • Phone XS Max — 0,639 seconds.


Of course, Face ID wouldn’t be able to work faster without more efficient processor A12 Bionic with extended support of the artificial intelligence responsible for more timely operation Face ID. Graphics performance increased by almost 50 % as the energy efficiency of the processor. And this is the case when the numbers did not remain on paper — every owner of iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr felt the full power of the new chip.


iPhone really began to “live” longer on battery power — you will finally be able to charge your smartphone every day, if you use it in medium mode load. Affected by the increase in the size of the iPhone Xs iPhone Max and Xr, this Xs is an iPhone Max doesn’t look huge. Apple managed to fit 6.5-inch display in the chassis, which turned out to be even smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. However, and iPhone Xs shows the best energy performance through the use of the new processor.

All these features added to those already known to us since the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus — sleek case with glass back panel and wireless charging. What iPhone you got (or want to get) this year? Share in the comments.