The moment was historic as the event itself. One-man show, as always, was on top. Expectations and hopes were not fulfilled, the stock Apple “fell down” – this was nothing unusual. But there is some strange feeling…

Probably, Steve unwittingly inspired the fatigue and emptiness. The project, in which hundreds of people have invested all their forces, came to the finish line. Bets were made, bets were no more and only had to wait 18 days.

The product was imported into the country, was accumulated in the warehouses, the staff learned to sell, and solved thousands of problems. June 29, at 6 PM, the product will go on sale. There was no doubt that it will happen.

10 years before this, when the very existence of Apple was in question, the company back from the world of shadows was unreal – now relevant and even less real purpose was to provide the company with 10-20 years of prosperity after his departure. To ensure all this was only possible if Apple will be one of the leaders…

He knew he had left a little bit. And if will not happen something similar to the end of the world, it is obvious that at least until 2021, Apple will survive, despite the hatred of those who are forced to put up with her special position in the world. He did.

Gathered in the conference room in advance, had warned that it would be said about the iPhone, but don’t expect sensations.

Here’s a video (duration 01:23:43):

The facts – the most sophisticated kind of lie. With the facts related to nuances that can distort the essence of these facts beyond recognition. Nevertheless, without the facts in any way.

The main theme of “stepnote” was a new version of Mac OS X “Leopard”. Which could be called “new old version” because it was her third preview. Of the 300 new features of the system (to see a list of them – I was good, or at times more – that’s if you count the changes to the API, or a maximum of a hundred pieces…), Steve was told about ten. As expected, in my opinion, most of these innovations, he said, in 2006 or 2005. At least, many.

The second important theme is Safari for Windows. Even five years before that, Internet Explorer completely dominated. In 2007, the browser from Microsoft remains the undisputed leader: it was used by 78% of travelers in the global web. In second place was FireFox (15%), the third, from 4.9% – Safari! 18.6 million users.

4.9% of the browser, which appeared only four years ago. 22 million active Mac users, 18.6 million of them use Safari. The natural limit…

However, the number of Mac devices users, despite the risky transition to Intel, and even for him, grew three times faster than the number of PC-shnyh but to wait and hope it was not in the style of Steve.

So is Safari for Windows. By the way, you know who led the development of Safari in 2003? Scott Forestall (or Forestall – are both transliteration). I would prefer option “Forstal”, it is closer to the original sound, but…

Safari for Windows – the whole story, not very pleasant. Failed. Steve wasn’t sure in the success of this invasion: “we have to try.”

Steve voiced some numbers. 5000+ participants WWDC (record), 1200 Apple engineers for answers to the most indelicate questions of the participants concerning computer hardware and software, 950 000 of the program participants Apple Developer Connection. Over the past year (2006 and 2007) they became more than 200 thousand.

And yet – funny scene, played out by the heroes of the advertising series Apple Pro Mac and PC… It is they, not Steve jobs, opened the conference. PC (in a black turtleneck and jeans) declared himself the next Steve jobs, resigned and dissolved by Apple. This show I never liked (well, is, with rare exception it is…), but the actors were over, and the scene they played it perfectly.

And about the iPhone was in One Last Thing, it lasted a little less than ten minutes, and touched us, developers…

One Last Thing

Steve remembered the developers (beginning at 01:14:10) and promised the “sweet solution”.

Objective: to provide independent developers to develop and expand the platform, “to fill the gaps in the operating system of the iPhone”, thus to guarantee the reliability and safety…

Web 2.0 and AJAX. The iPhone is the same engine that Safari and Mac OS X, and now in Windows. To create software for the iPhone today…

And – no problems with distribution, installation and update is very simple, no SDK is simply not necessary.

And then, Scott Forestall, Vice President of Apple software, the iPhone, he led in 2003, the project to create a Safari… showed how web application for iPhone look and behave.

Shown did not differ from the iPhone applications included in the operating system. For example, from Contacts. Almost no different. This is “almost” upon careful consideration, outweighed all the benefits of Web 2.0 and AJAX.

The main advantage of writing web applications easier and faster. Just one month of operation, 600 lines of code, no worries about memory, no fighting with the libraries… This burden falls on the shoulders of the virtual Safari. Fee for easy and care – free.

For Steve, this project was very important. The Internet (iPhone is an Internet device) in 2007 was a jungle full of predators and any infection – the desire to protect their offspring from these evils is clear and understandable.

The consequences of this decision has exceeded expectations. Like the iPhone (although Steve accurately predicted when Apple will be able to capture a percentage of the mobile market). iPhone loved once, cracked it after a month and a half. Love of evil. The network posted the source code, o the screen of the phone, “Hello, world!”, with the detailed instructions. A few months later, a spontaneous market “native programs” for the iPhone…

At the same time, almost all voluntary developers were making their products on the PC. To create and configure required for the development of the tools was not easy, and the best and most complete instructions, with examples, was not for Macs.

Phone hacking called “jailbreak” (jailbreak). To install anything on a phone that is not hacked, it was impossible. Users shall respect the requirements Apple is not threatened – but death from envy. The situation, however, became increasingly intolerant of…

To be continued