The us international trade Commission will consider the demand Qualcomm to restrict iPhone sales in the U.S. because of a violation of a number of patents of the company. About it reports Reuters with reference to representatives of the Department. Earlier, a similar ban was imposed on Chinese representative offices of Apple, which banned the implementation of branded smartphones, from the iPhone 6s and iPhone ending X, under the condition that they work on iOS below the 12-th version.

According to the statement of Qualcomm, the development of the iPhone , Apple has used the findings described in at least six patents that belong to her. This violation caused the American manufacturer of processors material harm in the form of lost royalties. Therefore, Qualcomm’s lawyers decided that if Apple is not going to eliminate the violations, it would be perfectly legitimate to demand a ban on the sale of its products.

Whether to ban sales of the iPhone

That is the idea, the representatives of Qualcomm voiced in court in 2017. Judge Thomas Pender, who considered the case, came to the conclusion that Apple did violate Qualcomm patents, but declined to limit the possibility of further implementation of the iPhone. According to him, the ban on sales of Apple smartphones, despite the innocence of the plaintiff, is not in the interests of the United States, and therefore should not be implemented.

But after leaving Pender to retire Qualcomm chose to try his luck again. On second appeal, the company Commission on international trade announced it was ready to re-open the case, the results of which to determine proportionate punishment for Apple. However, expect to meet the requirements of Qualcomm’s bid to ban iPhone we would not have . Most likely, the company will be determined by another sentence with the obligation to eliminate the violations.