On the market there are hundreds of different iPhone cases. Almost every taste and every budget. If you need cover premium, in most cases, you select the accessory from Apple. But whether there are official cases of their money? According to the journalist PhoneArena, they do not justify their cost. So, Apple should stop their production.

The article was published in the blog PhoneArena.

I spent a few days with the official Apple cases and compared them with accessories of other brands. And that’s what I understood. Apple does not know how to do covers. Exactly.

Judge for yourself. The official cases are very popular. And the company, to put it mildly, relaxed — their quality leaves much to be desired, but they cost a lot of money.

A few weeks ago Apple released the transparent silicone case for iPhone XR. It costs $ 39 and it’s awful. He’s slippery, collects on itself all the dust and debris, it’s commonplace unpleasant to hold in hands. I don’t see any reason to pay such a large amount. All of this applies to other silicone cases Apple.

As for leather covers, the situation is a little better. For $ 49 we get a good accessory, but still overpriced. Apple claims that the skin is covered with a noble patina. Alas, it is not exactly what we get at the output. Case erased and looks like crap. Buttons do not have the necessary impact and primaute frankly bad. Seriously, what to pay?

If you are a fan of Apple, the best thing you can do is not to buy the official accessories. Perhaps in this way we will be able to make it clear to the company that the quality of their cases deserves no criticism.

The world is full of manufacturers of accessories that seek to offer the best solutions for its customers. They listen to their customers, and offer reasonable prices.

Nobody argues with the fact that the American company makes the world’s best phones. But, oddly enough, the same company makes the world’s worst covers. And Apple definitely need to do something with it.