FigLeaf technology startup is working to create a cross-platform application that will record cases of collection of data about the user third party software. The authors believe this is one of the important issues of the day. So they want to prevent the uncontrolled accumulation of the developers of sensitive information, making the process of using smartphones as secure as possible.

According to co-founder of a startup FigLeaf Yuri Dvoynos due to their application users will actually get the tools to not only track the facts of data collection, but also to prevent them. It is planned to implement a special mechanism that determines what information the application collects specific and in what amounts. Thus, promises Dvoynos, the user can isolate themselves from “attacks” by the software.

Password protection

Scanning applications on the subject of fixation of information about the movements, calls, messages sent or received — not only from what the utility will be able FigLeaf. She will be able to track the facts of hacking accounts, notifying the user. And in order to avoid such situations, the development will warn on the re-use of a password, which can be a tool of compromising other accounts.

Dark web

For the most effective identification of the facts of hacking app FigLeaf, according to developers, will scan dark segment of the web (Dark web). This is necessary in order to stop the selling of the account in case of hacking. Often hackers EN masse sell compromised accounts on the black market, and until the actual transaction from the victim might be a time to regain access and to avoid negative consequences.

At the moment the application FigLeaf is in beta-testing, to which, however, does not allow ordinary users, and, most likely, will be released in the first half of 2019. However, something tells me that it is unlikely Apple will allow third-party developers to hidden mechanisms in iOS that allows you to record the facts of the collection of information by third-party software.