Apple agrees to iPhone move production outside of China only in the case if import duties on equipment, introduced Donald trump, reached 25%. It is reported Bloomberg, citing sources close to the company’s plans. Until then, say the sources, while the collection will be below peak performance, in Cupertino are planning not to take any action for the early build branded smartphones outside China.

The size of the import duty to 10%, most likely in the current environment, it is Apple and its suppliers are quite adequate. Hold went on this or a higher level will not change Apple’s plans to continue cooperation with Assembly plants in China. This is largely due to established over long years of partnerships logistics schemes and optimal production costs.

Where Apple will push the iPhone Assembly

Care Apple from China undesirable not only for herself but also for its Assembly partners. Therefore, as noted earlier, they are preparing for a possible transfer of production capacity to countries that are not subject to import duties. Among the most preferred regions to start building iPhone Corporation Foxconn and Pegatron consider Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

It is quite obvious that one of the objectives of Donald trump, increasing the size of import duties, is forcing Apple to move the Assembly of branded products in the United States. In case of return to the homeland promised by the President, the company offers various tax incentives and preferences, while ignoring this requirement does not exclude the introduction of additional charges, regardless of where production will be moved.