The new generation of Mac Mini was introduced in late October. Compact Apple computer was welcomed by the audience quite well – after all, there are almost no weak points but weak integrated graphics from Intel. But this disadvantage can be neutralized, having bought an external graphic accelerator (eGPU). What can the new product in tandem with a powerful video card? The same question set 9to5Mac, Jeff Benjamin. They conducted several tests. The results were entertaining

For testing he used his own Mac Mini in the following configuration: 6-Core Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM and SSD of 1 TB. As an external discrete graphics, the journalist used the solution from Razer Core X AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 on Board.

The full potential of the graphics cards disclosed in specialized tests like Unigine Valley and Heaven. To have some idea about the capabilities of other Macs, it also connected the eGPU to a MacBook Pro 13 (2018) and MacBook Pro 15 (2018).

As can be seen from the graph, the result of the Mac Mini has surpassed all expectations — the average number of personnel in both tests was around 115-116. Laptops from Apple when the same GPU is lost is quite serious.


The journalist did not stop, and decided to test the compact Apple computer in game updates. For these purposes, it even installed Windows 10 via BootCamp. To test the performance, it was decided with the help of games such as Rocket League, Madden 2019 Horizon and Forza 4.

Surprisingly, the Mac Mini coped even with very high resolution (5120 × 2160) and mounted with high graphics settings. According to the columnist, all games went smoothly and without any complaints.

The verdict was the following: compact computer receives a serious boost in graphics component when you connect eGPU. So powerful that the Mac Mini can be used as a gaming computer or as a workstation for HPC.