In just a year, Apple managed to increase the recognition accuracy of requests and responses that Siri gives to HomePod, almost half, saw analyst gene Munster. He conducted his own experiment, which asked competing voice assistants – Google’s Assistant, Cortana, Alexa and Siri 800 questions and compared the number of correct recognitions and correct answers. The result showed that Apple wasn’t sitting all that time twiddling your thumbs, and really did improve his creation.

In total, Siri was able to correctly answer 74,6%, which is a serious breakthrough when compared with the results of an experiment conducted a year ago. Then a voice assistant, Apple has issued a total of 52.3% of correct answers. According to Munster, this is due to the abundance of updates that bring support for new features like the ability to set multiple timers at once, to search for songs by text, make and receive phone calls and much more.

Team — skate Siri

Command, as it turned out, Siri in HomePod has no equal. Voice assistant Apple excels with the messaging, management, and music and interaction with other applications and services. According to Munster, this is due to the deep mutual integration of Siri and other Apple software products, provide.

Interestingly, the ability of Google Assistant remained approximately at the same level as a year ago, having undergone very minor upgrade. During this time, the search giant managed to increase the accuracy of the answers brand assistant by 6% from 81% to 87%. Apparently, the impact of the already high level of intellectual abilities assistant, even the slightest improvement which requires developers of enormous effort.