For anybody not a secret that a MacBook as any other Mac you can connect an external monitor. Utilizing the extra display area, you can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency when working on a variety of tasks. However, if you want to use the MacBook as a system block, the good news is that this possibility is also present. Today we will touch on this topic, and tell you what it needs.

Mode MacBook “closed lid” is perfect for all those users who used to use one monitor as your main. For obvious reasons, to use the built-in keyboard or trackpad will not work, so it is obligatory to acquire an additional periphery — at least, you will need keyboard and mouse. Suitable as a normal wireless options and wireless counterparts.

So, how to activate “closed display”?

  • Make sure that your MacBook is in an active state or in sleep mode.
  • Close the lid of the laptop.
  • Connected to MacBook power supply, mouse and keyboard.
  • It remains to connect the monitor or external display.

Then, the operating system will automatically switch to operation mode “system unit”, and the external monitor displays the desktop of the macOS.

How to get out of this mode?

To do this, choose Apple menu > “sleep Mode” to disable the monitor and then open the lid of your MacBook. This method is described by Apple as the most correct and proper.

What else should you know?

  • If you use wireless accessories, you must ensure that you have activated the following option: “System settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Allow devices Bluetooth output this computer from sleep”.
  • When working in the “lid closed” MacBook can heat up more than usual. This is normal and does not require any additional actions.