Not long ago, Apple released iOS 12.1.2. The release was minor – the new version of OS can not boast a large number of innovations. What about performance and battery life? The answer to this question is the author of the channel iAppleBytes. According to tradition, he ran some tests on different devices.


In tests the performance was attended by several smartphones: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Before testing, all smartphones were restored the same backup, and then charged and restarted. Let’s see what happens.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6


iPhone 6s

iPhone 7

iPhone 8

Results of the tests, iOS 12.1.2 slightly faster. Most strongly it is noticeable on slower devices — at the stage of loading the operating system. However, on newer models the difference as such at all was observed.

The battery life

The blogger also measured the battery life of devices on the old and new versions of iOS. For this he used the well-known benchmark Geekbench and appropriate test. The final results were as follows:

Unfortunately, iOS 12.1.2 not brought any improvement to the Autonomous operation of the devices. The figures obtained were slightly different from each other, however, the difference was so insignificant that it can be attributed to the static error